Just like most other businesses, COVID-19 has brought on new options for the indoor cycling world. (That’s the most positive way to say it!)  As gyms and boutique cycling studios have been forced to close their doors since March of 2020, many of them and businesses like us offer an indoor cycle rental option. This allows members to take on-demand and live classes with their favorite instructors, as well as try out some of the indoor cycling apps like Peloton, SoulCycle, and more.

What is the best option for you and your indoor cycling workouts?

Renting Your Indoor Cycle

The Pros: A pro to renting a studio bike is that it isn’t too much of a commitment, so it could be a great option for a “trial run.” We offer the CIC Refurbished Schwinn AC Performance Plus indoor cycles for rent or purchase! And, renting from your local studio helps provide them with some much-needed income these days.

Cons to renting:  You have to give it back when your rental period ends or when the cycling studio is ready to reopen – whether you’re ready to go back or not. Plus, who knows how long cycling studios will be closed or have limited capacity for their classes as they return?

If you’ve had a rental bike for several months, you may figure out that buying one is a better financial decision in the long run.

Heck, we rented many bikes once the Pandemic hit and still have several out there. It’s been 5 months and counting. Many have decided to buy their bikes because who knows how long this will go on. Frustrating!!! We know.

Buying Your Own Indoor Cycle

We know that many riders are extremely passionate about their indoor cycling classes. We get it!!! And, we’re here to support you any way we can.

When you buy your bike, it’s all yours. No need to worry about class capacity, waitlists nor your schedule. You can ride when you want – any time. And, likely with your favorite instructors and studio since many have created some amazing online and on-demand sessions. 

While the investment can seem kind of steep upfront, think about the long term ownership of your own indoor cycle. And, that flexibility we mentioned above –  Ride Any Time You Want!

Not All Indoor Cycles are Created Equal

We know it and you know it! Having customized and built thousands of indoor cycles for boutique cycling studios over the years, we professionally assemble and tune every single one of our Stages and Schwinn indoor cycles before they ship out to you. 

Ready to bring the indoor cycling studio to your home? Learn more about our SoCal rental options or shop now. All items are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. You could be riding in a week or less!

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