No longer will a pandemic, weather, or a closed studio keep you from reaching your fitness goals! That’s right, you can ride at home safely indoors with your favorite instructors on-demand. And get this, you don’t have to have a Peloton bike/subscription just to ride “online”. Here at Custom Indoor Cycles, we are all about taking classes from these apps from our Stages Indoor Cycling line.

We break down the best spin class apps on the market you can do from your living room. These apps are versatile for beginner cyclists all the way to the long-time riders who gear for the podium!

  • SoulCycle App – If you are “SOUL-CONNECTED” then you will love the upbeat, at-home classes offered with SoulCycle. These classes will give you the power and the energy you need to release your sweat and soul. Fans of SoulCycle say they feel as if they are at a concert when they are taking a class. Now, who wouldn’t be interested in that after all of the popular music fests and concerts being canceled through 2020?!
  • Zwift – Offering over 100+ workouts for strength and conditioning with top coaches, get scenic views for a fun/relaxing ride all the way to hardcore workouts that will keep you in shape, even if you are just in your living room.
  • Rouvey – Make indoor cycling a reality with Rouvey. Get virtual views from over 70 iconic places and known courses. This app also offers augmented routes with 2D + 3D features for group rides, time trials, and digital races.
  • Peloton – Acclaimed as “game-changing workouts,” you can stream LIVE or take on-demand classes to get your heart rate pumping! Peloton is well-known to most fitness enthusiasts because of its hands-on experience. This app is a must if you want to feel as if you are taking a fully booked class from your favorite studio.
  • Stages Flight – One of our favorite apps because it allows you to track your indoor bike rides, runs, walks, outdoor bike rides, hikes, and more using the GPS in your smartphone. Set goals and track your performance using this app to enhance your at-home fitness experience, while satisfied with your workout results.

In addition to these first-rated apps, you can also #RideAtHome on IG with Lisa from SoundRide Cycling. She is committed to making you sweat with the on-demand classes she offers on her social platforms.

Need A Spin Bike at Home? Let us help!

Riding and working out at home is the new norm, and maybe here for quite some time. Your Stages Indoor Cycle from us is upgraded to give you the best cycling class experience you can get – with upgraded SPD and LOOK/Delta pedals, professional saddle and our patented hand weight holder. You will receive the exact same studio-quality indoor cycle that we create for all of our studio clients. Our team of certified technicians professionally assemble, tune, and upgrade every single indoor cycle before it ever leaves our shop and is delivered to your home!

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Looking forward to riding at-home with you with these exceptional apps and with our product offerings. Let’s stay safe and keep sweating together!

Any apps you’d recommend to your fellow riders? Drop them in the comments below!