Stages Indoor Cycling manufactures the industry’s best indoor cycle models. We get asked a lot of questions, specifically in comparing models; here’s a quick breakdown of the main differences between the newest generation Stages SC2 and Stages SC3 bikes.

Premium Commercial-Grade Indoor Cycles

To begin with, both of these premium commercial-grade indoor cycles share the identical aluminum frame, Carbon Glyde belt drive and magnetic resistance assembly, all accented by the Stages’ exclusive Sprint Shift Lever which simulates multiple turns of the resistance knob with a simple lever position adjustment.  On a side note, the Stages SC1 does not offer the Sprint Shift Lever.

Adjustment Knobs & Levers

The new SC2.20 indoor cycle now has the upgraded, oversized height adjustment knobs previously only found at SoulCycle locations. The new SC3.20 maintains the Stages’ exclusive FitLoc height adjustment levers.

SC2 Rhythm Handlebar vs SC3 Performance Handlebar

The SC2.20 offers the rhythm handlebar design which was inspired by SoulCycle; includes a third inside hand position without the “drop” position found on the performance handlebar design of the SC3.20.  In addition, the SC3.20 does not offer the third inside hand position.

Different Generation Stages Power Meter & Console

The new generation Stages power meter and older version SIC1 display console can be integrated into the SC2.20, but the SC3.20 is the only model in which the new SIC2 display console functions due to the necessity of the SC3.20 flywheel which has a generator built-in, which charges the battery pack of the SIC2 display console.

Frame Color & Branding

The frame color of both models is identical; however, the SC3.20 comes standard with complete Stages Indoor Cycling branding with blue accents whereas the SC2.20 comes with limited Stages Indoor Cycling branding with all black accents.

The bike geometry and “fit” on both the SC2.20 and SC3.20 are identical.

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No matter which model you buy from us at Custom Indoor Cycles, we professionally assemble and expertly tune each Stages Indoor Cycle as if it was going into a high-use studio or facility, and support each with a lifetime warranty on all parts, one year on the power meter, console and labor.  You will receive the best built, smoothest, quietest, and longest-lasting Stages indoor cycle only from CIC, and in ride ready condition!