Fitness tracking is popular in the health world, from Apple Watches to Fitbits, everyone wants to know how many calories they’ve burned, steps they’ve taken in a day, etc. With the Stages Indoor Cycling SC3.20, all of those features and then some are included. 

NEW EcoSCRNTM Console Is the Bomb!

The NEW EcoSCRN console has Bluetooth compatibility that is perfect for tracking your killer cycling workouts directly from the source! This is the biggest upgrade Stages had made in years and we are STOKED to be the first dealer to have the SC3.20 in stock and available for immediate shipment.  

The new display console breaks tracking metrics down from watts, to calories burned to total distance and so much more. It’s easy to see no matter what light you’re in.  Did we mention that since this indoor cycle is Bluetooth compatible with iOS, Android and sports enabled devices, so you can see your workout data from your smartphone? Oh yes, just one of the reasons we love the Newest Generation Stages SC3.

  • The console runs on power generated when you ride, which means no batteries required!
  • A backlight makes it easy for you to see the data in any type of lighting. Ride in the dark? No problem. Have your own lights like a studio? No problem.
    You can see R Max, Average and Ride totals for Kilojoules (work), Kcal (calories), Watts, RPM, Speed, Heart Rate (if wearing a strap), Time, Distance, and power zones defined by rider FTP
  • The console makes it very easy to compare efforts. You get stage, current and average data – so you can always focus on improving your training!

Add-Ons (More like Must-Haves)

Do you do best when you workout with a trainer or general instruction? The Stages Tablet holder is going to be your new best friend. If you add this holder to your Stages Indoor Cycle, you can ride along to any live cycling class from your favorite instructors or any app of your choice. It holds an iPad, cell phone and even a laptop. As if indoor cycling from the comfort of your own home wasn’t convenient enough, this tablet holder brings a trainer or cycling class to you!

In Stock. Order Now. Ships in 48 Hours or Less!

We have the NEW SC3.20 In stock. While others are taking orders, they’re not shipping until sometime in October. The GOOD News (It keeps getting better) – we ship out our bikes within 48 hours (or less)!

We know how much you’re anticipating trying out your brand new bike – ours come RIDE READY. Yep, we assemble them before custom crating them so there is no assembly required. We ship anywhere in the continental US for a flat rate of $295 per bike. 

And if you’re not from the USA, don’t fret, we ship internationally! One more thing, all accessories (so that really cool tablet holder you NEED) ship free via FedEx Ground.

But Wait, There’s More!

We love our customers so much and work to ensure we deliver the best built and smoothest ride, quality indoor cycles, that we include a few perks when you purchase from us.

  1. First, a lifetime warranty is included for all at home customers.
  2. Next, the upgraded dual function SPD/LOOK Delta compatible pedals & set of cages are included! 
  3. And if you’re looking for an extra challenge, we threw in our very own CIC patented Stages compatible rear mount hand weight holders

Not to brag, but these upgrades are nearly a $700 value included in this already awesome indoor cycle. So what’re you waiting for? Buy one today and get cycling!

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