Commercial Use

Commercial Use is our specialty

Let the team at Custom Indoor Cycles help you create a sweet color scheme for your bikes, customize them with your killer logo and pull your studio vibe together.


Whether you have an amazing business plan, or feel unsure on how to create the most exciting, functional cycling space, we’ll help you pull it all together. Custom Indoor Cycles is equipped to handle all of your design needs. From designing the first bike to setting up your finished studio, we’ll be here.


Stages Indoor Cycles

As the #1 single-location Stages Indoor Cycling Dealer in the country, we’re proud to provide only the best in Custom Indoor Cycles to our studio clients. In fact, we ship these cycles all over the world to clients nearby in Southern California, Austin, Atlanta, and across the world in Kuwait, Singapore, Brazil, Canada and beyond.


We can pimp out any Stages Indoor Cycle you choose – custom paint colors, logos and decals and other upgrades from pedals, saddles and more. We can make your studio vision a reality!


Indoor Cycling Bike Branding & Customization

You’ve put it all into your Cycling Studios design and brand development, from your name, logo, apparel, wall decals and more. You’ve been thinking about this and dreaming about this for years, right?! So, why would you put a plain, standard branded bike in there?


We hope the answer is that you would NEVER dare do that!! We offer over 300 frame colors through a premier powder coating company, who’s been our trusted partner since our start


Tips for Opening & Running Your Cycling Studio

If you’re starting from scratch or are looking to add a cycling studio to your gym or fitness center, we have the resources and connections that can help you avoid several pitfalls we’ve seen happen in the industry.


And, you’ll have answers to questions you didn’t even think of, yet.


Replacement Parts & Accessories

Your classes are intense and riders are there for a one-of-a-kind workout that your instructors deliver! With several riders on each bike throughout the different classes, day in and day out, things will wear out.


Rest assured that Custom Indoor Cycles offers full-service replacement parts and accessories for you to keep your bikes in the absolute best condition for your studio. This includes replacement pedals, saddles, cycling shoes, cleats and more.


No Hassle Cycling Studio & Fitness Center Financing

Having worked with 100’s of studio owners, we’ve become a trusted resource partner with many specialists for the indoor cycling industry as a whole. This includes Studio Financing! Our financing partner offers the industry’s most intelligent and competitive financing programs that will extend beyond your Stages indoor cycles to include additional items such as sound and lighting equipment, flooring, lockers and much more.


Contact us and we will put you in touch!