Commercial Use FAQs

Indoor Cycling FOR COMMERCIAL - FAQs

How do you ship your bikes?

No Stages indoor cycle has ever left our shop in the original box. Each cycle is shipped in ride ready, flawless condition.


We have developed our own custom racks for shipping of Indoor Cycling Studio client bikes. These racks ensure the safest transport and delivery of your precious cargo.


With in the US these are shipped via LTL or Full Load carrier through our shipping partner. Internationally, we provide freight consolidation services where we load all of your bikes and anything else you need (rubber flooring, lighting, replacement pedals, saddles, towels, etc. )in the container for one complete shipment.

How long does it take for shipment of our indoor cycles?

Typically, from the date of approval of the final custom bike design and receipt of deposit, we can produce and ship your customized Stages indoor cycle order within 8 to 10 weeks.


It always depends on the desired level of customization and your opening timeline.


We always push to ship your Instructor Bikes out several weeks earlier to ensure you have them for photos and promotions as you launch and open your indoor cycling studio.

Do you also offer Stages indoor cycles without customization?

100%!  Although we are known for being the industry’s premier Stages Indoor Cycling customization source, our #1 focus is on the quality of the “ride” achieved through our proprietary assembly and tuning process.  Regardless of the level of customization or if you choose no customization at all, each Stages indoor cycle is meticulously assembled and tuned in the same manner!

What happens to the Stages warranty if CIC customizes my bikes?

Nothing!  The original Stages Indoor Cycling warranty remains intact regardless of whether we customize your bikes or not.

Do you offer SPD or LOOK Delta compatible pedals?

YES!  We upgrade all of our pedals which are both SPD and LOOK Delta compatible. 


If desired, we can also provide a set of baskets/cages in case any riders may not have indoor cycling shoes and want to ride with their tennis shoes.


Need Shoes?


We also are a distributor for Shimano Pearl Izumi – so we can help you get all of the cycling shoes, with cleats installed, prior to your opening. Whether you rent or sell, or both, we’ll make sure you have the stock you need when you open!

Do your Stages indoor cycles come with a warranty?

YES!  As one of Stages Indoor Cycling’s first authorized dealers in the world, all of our Stages bikes come with a full warranty!  Any issue, simply contact us at [email protected] or call us!  Either way, you are covered!

Can I add a Stages Power Meter and EcoSCRN Display Console to a Stages SC2?

YES!  As an upgrade, we can configure your Stages SC2 indoor cycles with a Stages Power Meter and EcoSCRN Display Console. 


Our CIC Certified Technicians will pair these two components as well as perform a zero-reset as part of our assembly process.


Your riders can see and track their workout during class.