International Clients

International Cycling Studio Clients

We serve the world

Indoor Cycling Studios have incredible popularity across the world. We’ve had the privilege to work with studio owners from Singapore, Brazil, Kuwait, India, Canada, Mexico, and more. They all have the vision to bring spectacular studios to their communities.


We work with their teams to develop the custom indoor cycling branding and design along with a host of other studio services.

Freight Consolidation Services

International studios also turn to CIC to source additional products domestically and act as their freight consolidator and the main point of contact in the US.


Since all of your custom bikes will be loaded into a container for shipment, it’s seamless for us to load may other items into that container for you. This includes:

  • Rubber flooring for your studios
  • Lighting and sound elements
  • Replacement parts like additional pedals, cleats and more
  • Customized apparel and other merchandise
  • Cycling shoes with cleats already installed
  • Towels

We also work with you to provide the documentation and things needed for your shipment. We have custom indoor cycles all over the world. How can we help you?