Indoor Cycling Studio Service & Maintenance in Southern California | Custom Indoor Cycles

Indoor Cycling Studio Bike Tuning & Maintenance

Available in Southern California

Indoor cycling studio owners throughout Southern California call us at Custom Indoor Cycles to maintain and service their bikes on a regular basis. We’re able to send our CIC Certified technicians to your studio for regular maintenance or a quick fix. We also have ongoing service relationships with several studios where we’ll pick up several studio bikes and bring them back to our shop for more intensive maintenance and updates.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Your classes are intense and riders are there for a one of a kind workout that your instructors deliver! With several riders on each bike throughout the different classes, day in and day out, things will wear out. Rest assured that Custom Indoor Cycles offers full-service replacement parts and accessories for you to keep your bikes in the absolute best condition for your studio. This includes replacement pedals, saddles, handlebars, even cycling shoes and replacement cleats.

Studio Owners

See why hundreds of indoor cycling studio owners have turned to Custom Indoor Cycles. Learn more about bringing these exceptional quality, fully customized indoor cycles to your studio today.

"The bike came yesterday and it’s perfect! The process (ordering and delivery) was so smooth. I rode as soon as I could after delivery and the bike is just as I remember from the studio. I’m so pleased. I have spread the word amongst my fellow DC SoulCycle folks so maybe you’ll get some more orders :)"

Erica D

"I did finally get a chance to try my bike last night and am VERY pleased! So glad I chose your company."

Janet G

"I greatly appreciate your rapid response. I have to say, I looked all over the Internet and debated ordering from several companies. Between your social media posts and your extremely easy to navigate website, I knew I found the right company. We can’t wait for our bike! Thank you!"

Amy H

"Just plain thrilled, thank you sooooooo much! I think about you every time I get on my bike!!! Want you to know I love and my whole set up than you again for everything"


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