studio quality spin bikes for your home

It is our passion and goal to produce the industry’s best Stages indoor cycles.  No Stages indoor cycle has ever left our facility in the original box.  Each Stages indoor cycle we produce leaves our shop fully assembled arriving in flawless ride ready condition; professionally assembled and expertly tuned by our own CIC Certified Technicians.  At Custom Indoor Cycles, it’s ALL about the ride…

Stages Indoor Cycling Bikes for home & COmmercial Use

Stages SC1.20 Bundle


The Stages SC1.20 is “engineered for simplicity and function.” As an entry level  commercial indoor cycle, the SC1.20 is manufactured out of an all-steel frame with premium features like a rhythm style handlebar and upgraded oversized threaded height adjustment knobs found in the SC2.20 indoor cycle.


The Stages SC1.20 is the perfect indoor cycle for the budget-conscience home buyer or commercial facility.


Stages SC2.20 Bundle


Got rhythm? Look no further! The Stages SC2 transformed the indoor cycling space and is found in the world’s top boutique indoor cycling studios and facilities offering a “rhythm” class program. 



Unlike virtual, subscription-based indoor cycles which are not designed for a rhythm style ride, the Stages SC2 is designed for the “real” indoor cycling rhythm ride you have come to know and love!  Yep, you’ve been spoiled!



The SC2’s bike geometry is exceptional, the seat and handle bar assembly offer both height and fore/aft adjustments allowing for the perfect rider “fit”. 



Stages SC3.20 BUNDLE


Got power? Got performance? Metric junkie? This is YOUR indoor cycle!


The Stages SC3 did to the power/performance segment of the indoor cycling industry what the Stages SC2 did to the rhythm segment…took it over!



The Stages SC3 is found in the world’s top performance indoor cycling studios and facilities where the rider’s accurate performance data is displayed and tracked.



The SC3.20 now includes the totally redesigned Stages Power Meter and gorgeous new SIC2 Display Console.



If you’ve ridden a SC3, you have been spoiled and no virtual, subscription-based indoor cycle will be able to replicate the quality of the ride nor accuracy of your performance data.



Sharing the SC2’s exceptional bike geometry, the seat and handle bar assembly on the SC3 offer both height and fore/aft adjustments allowing for the perfect rider “fit” and ultimate indoor cycling experience!