Crating & Shipping

Original box in pieces or fully assembled in a crate?

You DESERVE the ABSOLUTE BEST Stages Indoor Cycle!

FACT: It is impossible for an untrained individual to properly assemble and tune a Stages indoor cycle.


Over the past five years, we have assembled, disassembled, customized and serviced literally 1000’s of Stages indoor cycles; no other dealer shares our passion, standard of excellence or level of expertise.


Although we regard Stages Indoor Cycling as the premier indoor cycling brand, we will never ship a Stages indoor cycle in the original manufacturer’s box; it’s a mistake that only leads to disappointment, stress, frustration and an awful ride experience.


Our exclusive assembly and tuning process produces the world’s best built, smoothest, quietest, longest lasting, trouble-free Stages indoor cycles in the world.


Stages Indoor Cycling entrusts Custom Indoor Cycles to produce the indoor cycles for national accounts like Barry’s and LA Fitness to demo; that’s a pretty good vote of confidence!


One of the many steps we perform in our assembly and tuning process is finding the perfect “match” of drive belt and pulleys something no other dealer does nor is willing to do.


Our owner is a little over the top and no longer apologizes for it, “It’s gotta be PERFECT because that’s what I told the customer!

No assembly required. Ride Ready.

Outside of Southern California, each Stages indoor cycle we carefully produce ships fully assembled in flawless, ride ready condition; professionally packaged in a custom designed crate to ensure it’s safety during transit anywhere in the world and ease of unpacking upon delivery.


Our standard crating and shipping also includes curbside drop off delivery of the crate. Simply uncrate, unwrap, place your Stages indoor cycle in your home and begin your RIDE! We can also gladly support any additional delivery services you require!


Our goal is simply to provide our customers with an exceptional experience from the moment they contact us. By shipping our Stages indoor cycles fully assembled in flawless ride ready condition, professionally packaged in a custom crate helps us achieve our goal!