Fully Assembled Indoor Cycles Never Ship "in a box" - See how we do it

Every Custom Indoor Cycle is Fully Assembled & Tuned

When you buy your indoor cycle from others, they'll ship it to you in a box, with some assembly required. This is how it arrives in their warehouse from the manufacturer.

No other dealer or distributor shares our standard of excellence, expertise and bat sh#t passion for producing the smoothest, quietest, best built and most trouble-free Schwinn and Stages indoor cycles in the world.

You deserve the absolute best bike! Our certified technicians assemble and tune every single bike as they do for our indoor cycling studio customers. Our proprietary process means we first disassemble each bike, and reassemble with upgraded components, ensuring every indoor cycle that leaves our shop will be the smoothest, quietest and longest lasting cycle, no matter where in the world it ships too.

Why Custom Crating?

Custom is in our name, and anything less just won't do! Your indoor cycle arrives fully assembled and tuned, no assembly required whatsoever. Crating ensures the bikes are fully protected during shipping and handling - anywhere in the USA, and beyond.

When your Schwinn or Stages indoor cycle arrives curbside to your home, it's fully assembled in ride ready condition. All you have to do is uncrate, bring into your home and ride!


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