The Best In Indoor Cycling Bikes

When it comes to bikes, we mean business. Literally. That’s why at Custom Indoor Cycles, we only provide carefully curated cycling options to ensure your cycling studio or home is equipped with the best bikes in the business. Choose from the absolute best indoor cycling brand, Stages Indoor Cycling, built and tuned by Custom Indoor Cycles.

Stages Indoor Cycling Bikes for Studio or Home

Stages SC1.20


The Stages SC1.20 is “engineered for simplicity and function.” As an entry level indoor cycle, the SC1.20 is manufactured out of an all-steel frame with premium features like a rhythm style handlebar and upgraded oversized threaded height adjustment knobs found in the SC2.20 indoor cycle.


The Stages SC1.20 is the perfect indoor cycle for the budget-conscience buyer or commercial facility.

Stages SC2.20


No Stages SC2 ever leaves our shop in a box.  In order for the rider to truly experience the amazing ride of a Stages SC2, it must be assembled and tuned by an expert.  Over the years, CIC has produced 1000’s of Stages SC2’s which have been shipped all over the world.


Each Stages SC2 is taken out of the box and disassembled only to be meticulously re-assembled and expertly tuned by our own certified technicians, the industry’s best!  If you are looking for the smoothest, quietest and most trouble-free Stages SC2 indoor cycle in the industry, look no further!

Stages SC3.20


We have been provided first access to the newest Stages SC3.20 version indoor cycle which offers the latest generation Stages Power Meter AND Display Console!


The SC3 allows riders to capture data via Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+™ enabled sport devices. (iOS and Android compatible), with 2000+ hours of battery life via two standard AA batteries.