Stages Indoor Cycling SC2 & SC3 Models for Sale. In Stock. Buy Now

Stages Indoor Cycling

As the #1 single location authorized Stages Indoor Cycling Dealer and quality control partner in the USA. Cycling studios and riders around the world trust our technicians to deliver the best built, smoothest and quietest bikes ever.

Studio owners trust Custom Indoor Cycles to bring their slick designs and custom brands to life in conjunction with superior performance of their Stages indoor cycles.

Why Stages Indoor Cycles?

We’ve aligned ourselves with the Stages brand because, in our professional opinion, Stages Indoor Cycling is THE PREMIUM brand in the indoor cycling space. You’ll find our Stages SC2 bikes in leading studios all over the world and now in many homes too!

Full Professional Assembly & Tuning of Every Bike

Every single indoor cycle we receive at Custom Indoor Cycles is taken out of the box and disassembled only to be meticulously re-assembled and expertly tuned by our own certified technicians, the industry’s best! Whether you’re looking for the most trouble-free,  exceptional quality bike with the smoothest ride for home use or to outfit your indoor cycling studio, you’ll receive the absolute highest quality ride when it comes from us.

We offer the full manufacturers warranty in addition to comprehensive studio customization services. See why we’re the industry experts when it comes to Stages Indoor Cycling.

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